Our Children’s Dentistry Services

Childrens Dentist Weston Here in Weston, our dedicated staff enjoys helping the littlest members of your family on the path towards lifelong oral health. Children need a special touch when it comes to dental care, and our doctors take the time to ensure kids feel safe and comfortable. At Dental Visions, we’ll provide them with check-ups, gentle cleanings, friendly instruction for how to brush and floss properly, and much more.

Your Child’s First Visit

When it’s time for your son or daughter’s first dental appointment, our dental team has two important goals to achieve. First, we want to do everything we can to create a fun, enjoyable atmosphere, and second, we want to learn about their unique needs so dental care with us is as personalized as possible. During this visit, we’ll perform a dental cleaning, evaluation, and x-rays. Then, we’ll share the results with you, discussing any developmental concerns or damage we see. We’re always happy to answer questions and concerns about specific treatments, and everything will be explained as clearly as possible.

Check-ups & Cleanings

Just like with adults, we’d like to see your little one every six months for preventive care. Being able to locate and treat dental problems at the earliest possible stages protects children’s smiles and saves them from discomfort. These regular appointments also allow our staff to teach your child about effective brushing and flossing. Maintaining great oral health is not only good for the mouth, but good for the body as well!

Dental Sealants

The pits and grooves of molars and premolars can be difficult to clean for young patients which often leads to an increased risk of infection and cavities. Dental sealants give an extra layer of protection children need. We’ll apply the sealant as a liquid and then harden it with a curing light turning it into a layer of tough plastic sealed over the top of the tooth.


When being athletic, kids need a tough sportsguard just as much as they need elbow/knee pads or a helmet. We custom-design sportsguards to fit comfortably in the patient’s mouth, and once worn, it provides valuable protection for smiles, lips, tongues, and jawbones. Studies have even shown that wearing a sportsguard may reduce the severity of concussions.

Dr. Jan Bublik, Dr. Jeremy Hoffman, Dr. Rod Messner, and the rest of our dedicated team look forward to welcoming your entire family! Contact Dental Visions today to schedule your first appointment. Located in Weston we also serve patients from Mosinee and surrounding communities.

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